Who we are and what we do

Z-Ben Advisors is a China-based consulting firm whose core interest is in advising our clients on how to best capitalize on growing investment management business opportunities in the Greater China market. We bring together a diverse team of professionals well versed in both the local dynamics and needs of the financial services industry.

Leading the discussion

We are globally recognized for our insight and analysis on the Chinese investment management industry and are often quoted and invited to speak at forums worldwide. See below for recent examples of our industry leading viewpoints.

Critical questions answered

What is my China strategy? Who are the right business partners? How is the market landscape changing? Is the JV the only approach? How do I benchmark my performance? What products are in demand?

Who we Are


What we Do

Leading the Discussion

Critical Questions Answered


Strategic Outlook: China Market Sizing 


Z-Ben Advisors’ new monthly series, the Strategic Outlook, highlights a single topic area for our clients, explaining context, implications, and possible courses of actions for participants. In this debut, we highlight our research on market sizing, from 2004-2020, for three markets: retail, institutional, and cross-border. For a complimentary copy of the report, please contact us at info@z-ben.com.



New Research

Our newest Strategic Outlook demonstrates the widening gap between supply and demand for exposure to the mainland’s equity and bond markets, with...

 At the end of last year, China’s mutual fund industry AUM reached a record high – RMB6.95tr, split between RMB4.44tr public mutual fund AUM...

Z-Ben Advisors is proud to release its first Strategic Outlook paper, which this month focuses on market sizing and growth projections for the...